More Bloodwork

Five vials of blood today with fasting. Honestly couldnt tell you what we are testing today, But I did get some good news. My 1st dose of the new med is scheduled for Monday. I was on Tecfidera for almost 2 years but it wasnt stopping the MS lesions, so now we are trying Gilenya. Only thing is, instead of hot flashes like the last one, I have to be observed while attached to an EKG because I may pass out due to sudden lowered heart rate and BP. Nothing major. Oh and this 1 may make me go blind and kill my kidneys. We are way past using meds with no major side effects. I have done the anti-inflamatory diet and it DOES help, hence I can feel my legs and walk. At least I think so, we dont have any medical proof.

Something funny about USA Hospital, the departments done communicate so much, and then they call me last minute to get whatever done after Ive called every day for weeks to find out what test or procedure etc, I will be doing. So they call sometimes only 24 hours from when I need to be there. I call it the USA Scramble.

3 thoughts on “More Bloodwork

    • My doc doesnt seem to use works like that that will give any type of category, very frustrating. I had to ask if I had relapse/remit or progressive. So far its relapse remit.
      If my white count came down, I wouldnt know because she really doesnt give as much info as I would Like. Im a researcher, and a 1st responder with the fire dept (well i used to be til MS) I like to know the #s. sadly, there are no other Docs within 100 miles of me. sigh

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      • I didn’t pay much attention to the healthcare world before I was diagnosed. But now I really don’t have a very good feeling for it. I’ve learned we have to advocate for ourselves. And sometimes i don’t even know how to advocate. I’m so sorry you’re so far away from care. That makes it doubly hard!


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