First blog post


So today I decided I should start a Blog. I have been having some very interesting happenings and it occurred to me that my journey may help someone else’s journey seem less alone. Hey I might even make someone laugh at something. Yay Me!

But just to begin, Id like to tell you a little about what is going on in my world. I am  36 years old but my inside disagree with the outside, so I’m really 21. I am a full time RV’er with my best friend of some 15 years and my 17 year old autistic daughter. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and am still in the “controlling” phase of that. I’m a Dancer, a Camper, a SCAdian (SCA.ORG) a Redhead, a Girl Scout, a Boy scout,  a Teacher, a Dreamer and an adventurer. Oh and I don’t take NO for an answer.

I just became Co-Owner of 7.5 acres of land in the Country and I am biting at the bit to get my RV out there. I have BIG PLANS for that land. Right now I am working on getting the Septic Tank permit.After that its on to water lines and electric. I hope to get my Garden going soon, but realistically I will be doing Pot Gardening this season. I was an Environmental Major in College, so Green everything is in my future.

With my Illness, I have discovered how much our intake and environment affect our bodies and minds, for me, my migraines and vertigo. So now I make everything from scratch and am trying my best to go organic. But Man that is harder then you would think! And expensive!! This has led me to write a cookbook that follows the Anti Inflammatory diet, which should be out around the winter of 2017. I tried Gluten Free, which is nice, but the lack made no difference after 2 years. Good thing too because I make amazing Bread!

Well, I guess that’s enough of a Hello for now. Talk to you again soon 🙂

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