Picnic Table is done!!

picnic table

Still need to paint the seats and legs/ You may notice there are 2 sets of legs. Well I made a mistake and put the seat brace on upside down. Had to improvise a little.

On a Not so happy note, somebody decided to go mudding through my land. They left me a new set of tires, a bag of trash, a case of empty beer cans, several empty packs of smokes and have made the driveway unusable for my non 4×4 car.

Next on the list, a BIG FENCE AND GATE!!! You would think the signs for no trespassing and the work being done on the property would attest that someone owned it…….. So now I have more work to do tomorrow.

To become sustainable

So here I sit, Jobless. They let me go. I am pretty sure they thought, “Wow she is too much trouble, get rid of her.” So My employment was terminated. That leaves me with a couple choices, as well as finding a new job. Income tax will arrive shortly so I am OK currently, and I have some $$ put away that I can access now that I am unemployed.

I can either: make the money last as long as possible, or I can work on making my property sustainable in case I am out of work for longer than hoped. Or I could apply for Disability, which several friends are pointing out that I have MS…….(is that admitting defeat?)

I decided to research, which is something I enjoy and I am very good at. Solar, wind and water. Well, when I got the 1st part of Short term disability, I decided to buy something that I always wanted which is also useful: A water pump for a well. Its green and cast iron and has a long handle, it makes me smile. So for the water well, all I need is some PVC pipe and to turn the water on. Drilling a well takes about 4 hours in a place as sandy as here. Woot! So there is that.

Then there is power.  I have to get a power pole still and turn the power on, but if I add solar panels and a wind turbine, then I will be putting a major dent in the power bill. And in really bad times we will have everything but AC.  There is a TON of info out about solar, which by itself here is not enough. It has to be combined with wind as well. Wind alone means I need to build a really tall tower. I am not into heights btw, and I dont climb so well anymore. Solar, well I can put an array up in the swamp side to keep it out of the way and in more sun away from the trees. But I would have to choose between Mono and poly cell, both have benefits and downfalls. But 1 friend keeps telling me both are not good enough and I should do thermal mass exchange…….. Kind of hard to do that practically in an RV.

Also, I would need to seriously get moving on the gardens. I have the outline of 1 set up and SOME soil bags but not nearly enough yet. I will probably need at least a dozen more bags to get a decent garden moving plus mulch. Sigh.

Poultry. I cant wait to get some chickens. I dream about them lol.  A friend brought me some good empty feed bags to make the roof for the house. So that is something I can start working on shortly. With all the clearing we have been doing, I should have plenty of branches.

I am also looking forward to getting the Pole bar and shed built. Putting the RV under something will help a lot with heating and cooling, and I am TRULY looking forward to having an easily accessible place to put my canning stuff and crafts

Just wish the rain would stop. 2 days of solid rain and stuck indoors. And it looks like rain all day tomorrow too. I am never gonna get the laundry done as I cant hang it out to dry in this mess

Still on the picnic table

I am honestly not sure how many days I have been working on the picnic table. So far I have assembled the table top and am in the process of drilling the screw holes and washer holes to attach the legs. I hit a few snags. The washers were bigger than the holes I drilled for them, so I had to go find a bigger paddle bit.  I got to redo everything again………Slowest project EVER!!  But it has 4 legs now. Still have to assemble the supports and the seat.

My daughter is sick with tonsillitis. She has been having a sickly winter for sure. She has kept an upset stomach and has not wanted to eat. We started giving her zantac and that seems to be helping. She has had the stomach virus, random fevers, general weak and blah, strep and now tonsillitis. Poor Bugger. She is losing weight too, which is VERY bad for her as she is normally only 80 lbs.

And another blow

Yesterday I got a letter from my job saying that my employment is terminated. They state that they have not received documentation for the 2 second half od my absence. Funny how I JUST got the form last week and I havnt had time enough to receive it back as My therapist has to send it up the chain to be filled out….. So I am unemployed now. I feel like somebody chopped my legs out from under me again. I dont know what I am going to do just yet, but I do know that I am going to be ok. Things are not dire, nor near dire currently so I have a little time to get my bearings. Which is probably a good thing considering I feel like I am spinning and cant choose a direction.

I have some backups set up in case of unemployment so there will be money shortly. I am not sure how much yet, nor what I will do. I could skimp and make it last as long as possible, or I could make sure I am sustainable. I think the latter is a better idea. But I am not in a mind to make decisions yet, just make lists of options and resources.

I didnt sleep last night, cant imagine why…… I didnt wake until very late and I didnt take my daughter to school. I just couldnt seem to make myself function. Thus far, I have managed to eat breakfast, make my daughter eat, and put the meatloaf I made last nite on the grill…..Thats pretty sad

Blah Day

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over. So back to bed I went with a dose of ibuprophen. When I woke up I felt much better. The picnic table is still not finished, as there was still some painting to do. I also did not cut out the seats yet.

BUT I did try a new veggie today. Broccoli Romanesca. Its a Spikey mix between Broccoli and Cauliflower, in fact I am not really sure which it is…. It is very strange to eat but tastes good steamed with a little sea salt. My daughter loved it, so I will be growing some this year.


Lets try woodworking

I decided we needed a table, so I wanted to build a picnic table from scratch. We had 1 at the RV park and I really took it for granted. I found some plans online: http://www.diygardenplans.net/diy-classic-picnic-table.htm

got my wood and hardware. I started cutting, and figured out how to get some of the angles. Unfortunately I only had a recipercating saw, not a circular saw. So it was very slow going for sure. I got about half the wood cut the 1st day and then I was exhausted. Day 2, I ended up helping some friends out with things. Day 3, I got a circular saw and my buddy showed me how to use it. All the wood got cut. I had gotten untreated wood as it was cheaper so I went ahead and started painting it before putting it together. Today is day 4. All the parts are now painted state park brown. I think I will put green between the slats, but I am tired now.  It may have to wait until tomorrow.

If you have ever done a project like this, you know it only takes about an hour or 2, excluding paint. But my MS is kicking my butt and I have to keep taking breaks. At this rate, I will be finished in 6 days. But Hey, I am still doing it.

Oh, and I forgot to cut the seats………


A Week in the ICU

Last monday my Dad told his wife he couldnt breathe so she took him to the local ER. The town they live in is small, so they packed him in an ambulance and booked it 10-18 to the large hospital in Gainesville. Dad flat-lined in the bus but they brought him back. His lungs has suddenly filled with fluid and he was drowning. Severe pnemonia. So 48 hours intubated and in a medically induced coma.

I packed up with a friend and we took off to get there. I went strait to the hospital to see him. Thankfully he was awake by then. They had removed the tubes, but he had a full face mask, a C-Pap type with forced air to keep him breathing, He was so weak that he could not breathe on his own yet. They had suctioned out a large amount of fluid and were fighting to keep his O2 above 70%. He had 5 IV ports and a pic line in his neck. I was truly afraid that this was the end.

24 hours later they had him on a high flow nasal canula, that was still helping him breathe but not as much at the c-pap. His CO2 was building up and in the night he had another episode where he flat-lined again. This time it was heart failure.

I wore a mask the entire time to protect myself as its flu season and we know people who have died from it. The 2nd visit, we were told everyone had to wear a mask now and only 2 people could visit the entire hospitalization because it was now an epidemic. I also read that not only is the flu really bad now, Pnemonia like dads followed by organ failure is epidemic too.

After 5 days, we had to return home. But, before we left, he only had 2 IV lines, they had removed the Pic line and he was able to have simple foods. He sucked down 3 bags on IV antibiotics at a time several times per day and still had the high flow O2.

After we got home he was off the O2 and they FINALLY moved him to the regular wing out of the ICU. So things are much better but he wont be going home for a few more days at least.

It was a ruff trip for me too. My RLS was going INSANE the entire time. I really did not sleep much and I ate a lot of junk food with soda as there was nothing else. Thanks to my Mom as she sent $$ with me so I got groceries finally to cut down the super bad intake that will be with me for a week or so. I did get to take an actual bath as she has a tub and I dont in the RV. And I started a new craft to keep my mind occupied. I learned to do native american seed beading. Granted not well, but it was more a focus than an art project.

I am just glad that he is doing better and I did not get sick in the process.

Life Calling

I just got the call that my Dad is ICU 5 hours away. Oddly, I have been having dreams about him so I cant say I wasnt expecting this phone call. Having no money really sucks. I would already be in the car and on my way. Actually I would not. He has had some other false alarms (thankfully) that had him out of the hospital the same day.

This time is different though. He was having trouble breathing so he had his wife take him to the ER. They took him back ASAP, then transfered him by ambulance to a larger hospital an hour away. He has been admitted, placed in a chemical coma and a pic line installed. I dont think he is getting out today. I am kind of wandering in circles and still havnt had my 1st cup to wake up


The flu

A friend of mine passed away yesterday from the flu. I am very sad because she was such a nice lady. A couple of my other friends have the flu currently. I worry about them all. It is no joke this year.

Now to be selfish.

That is very scary for someone with a compromised immune system like me. The Meds I take and the MS are the reason for that. If you have anything similar, than you understand how easily you catch things, and how much harder its hits you. And if you don’t, what that means is your white cell count is much lower than most people’s. Less white cells means antibiotics don’t work as well on you and you are more likely to develop secondary infections. It also means I can’t have live immunizations, so no flu shot.  When you hear that something is a problem for “the young, old and weak immune systems” that means me. I need to buy some masks for this season and look like people in china. More than half the people there wear surgical masks in public as well as latex gloves because there are so many people and sickness increases in heavily populated areas.

So to all of you with the flu, and the families of those with it, Take care of yourself. Also, stay home and get better so you don’t spread it. To those who don’t immunize, I respect your decision, but stay away so you don’t kill me. Cheers

Ice Fun

With temp dropping to the teens (which btw is INSANE in florida) I decided to play with Ice and recreate a picture my Papa made of me when I was 4-5 years old. It was in the paper too. So I grabbed a ladder, and the hose, set it to mist and came back the next morn. Here is what I woke up to