Garden Updates!!

I got home and the garden had started to ripen!! There are more melons than I have melon supports for now, the eggplant is falling over its so heavy. I took the Park Host a whole basket of salad greens and cherry tomatoes, and kept these. A tiger melon (turns out it is not ripe yet even though it turned orange) Shelling beans, english peas, and eggplant. Yay!

Why Cant I remember!

I made 2 appointments for Monday after I got home from Disney: The Ear Nose and Throat to discuss finally having my tonsils out, and my GP to check up on the new anti-depressant. Well, I just got a reminder call from my MS Neurologist dead between the 2 and I cant miss her as its 6 months between appointments. So now I have to cancel both the other 2 to go to the 1. It’s probably better this way anyways as I think I am having a relapse with my MS symptoms. The pins and needles are bad in my legs which had gone away, I keep tripping over things and falling and every time I look down or crane my neck to the side I feel like I am stepping on a hot electrical wire and am being shocked all over. And the new one is the Ice water and ants. I was so sure that a cup of iced coke spilled over my feet that I looked down at my now sopping wet socks……but there was no soda. And I cant feel ants biting my calves and feet but feel ants biting my thighs that aren’t even there.

This forgetfulness keeps getting worse and its making others around me upset, which only makes me feel worse. Everything makes me cry, I don’t think this new med is working. Maybe I am just messed up from the heat and that I pushed too hard at Disney. I should not have gone. It was not the happiest place on earth for me. It was a disappointment because I felt like I shouldn’t be there the whole time and I felt like I was more burden and a killjoy to everybody else. But I couldn’t cancel on my daughter (although my roommate would have been happy with a week off sitting at home doing nothing) My car is still in the shop, I still haven’t been paid and I should have put the money to more important things. Not like they would give me my money back anyways. Selfish

Last Day

We started out early for once. I actually woke up and got moving. We went back to Epcot to hit all the places we missed last time and get some Worldly foods. My daughter and I decided we would hit 2 places: Mexico for a Camel Mousse, and Franch to get a Goat Cheese Custard. We got the Mousse, which was Amazing! A bit too sweet for such a hot day though. We were too tired to hit France and had 2 fast passes coming up at Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth. By the time we were done with that I was having real trouble. The pins and needles in my legs were so bad I was in tears and I was really fighting to keep walking to the buses. Once I got there and it settled a bit, it felt like I had poured Ice water over my feet, which is new. We waited 45 minutes for a bus, and there were people there before us that had waited a half hour already. Buses to Fort Wilderness have been slow all week but this was the worst. We finally got a bus and half way through the trip, the AC goes out…… We finally get back to the RV and are starving. I however am craving carrots and broccoli terribly. Hot dogs, steamed veggies and Mac and cheese. I feel better now and my legs are much better. I am seriously considering going back just to get my custard and taking it very slow and easy. But I dont want to risk getting stuck in the Fireworks return traffic. Plus I may be pushing myself just too far, but its the last day! 8 Hour Drive home tomorrow, and I have a lot of prep work to do here for the trip. Sigh, I feel like I can do more but at the same time I need to listen to my body, but I am unhappy that I still didnt get to do what I wanted at Epcot so I am disappointed. Plus I am getting anxious about returning to work.

I decided to stay at the RV and start on prep for tomorrows travel. After I got going, a wave of exhausted hit and I am now laying down glad I didnt go. It means I didnt get my food from France nor the cous cous from Morocco that I promised Mom 😦

Bad Day

Woke this morning feeling great, heading to the Magic Kingdom. About 15 minutes in to the park I was pouring sweat as fast as I could drink. My legs started pins and needles really bad and I had to sit down. We were not there but 3 hours and I had to leave as I was seeing spots. We are back at the RV now, I took a cold shower, ate and now have my feet up.  I have no idea if I will venture back to the park today, but all in all that this is the 1st real bad day I think its going well. We may do some stuff around the resort as they have all kinds of campfires, singalongs and a Sleepy Hollow thing. But it is also supposed to storm.

My daughter turned in to a 6 year old on me when she saw Mary Poppins at a Character Encounter. She was Big Eyed and all smiles. All the sudden she wanted to get autographs from Everyone lol. I finally got my fudge from the candy shop. They have such cute stuff there, so much sweet yummy. I would die of sugar shock if I got more than 1 piece, which I will have to cut into smaller pieces to survive. Think its nap time


Autism, Claustrophobia and MS at Disney

My daughter, who is on the Autism spectrum, did Irish Dance with me for 6 years. She was REALLY good and had just made Prizewinner (level 4 of 6) when I had to stop due to MS. She had no problem stopping as it required a lot of memory, coordination and getting up in front of people, which are all hard for her. Today we ate at Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney Springs, which has an Irish dancing show that invites dancers to come up and perform. Well, I wanted to but couldnt as that is something that MS took from me. She however, Jumped up there and did Saint Patricks Day without any help and looked better than she was practicing for competition every day, which was about 2 years ago. She retained it in all ways and I am SO PROUD OF HER!!

I on the other hand, I was having vertigo issues, my legs were shaking from all the walking and I really felt what I had lost. I actually felt that loss several times today. We went to the Hollywood studios’ star wars studio today, where there is a film about the making of the epic. The crew that they interviewed kept saying how much they loved what they were doing, how meaningful and fulfilling their work is, how its going to go on and affect so many generations and continue the epic. Didnt  mention the pay, but I am sure there is a very nice paycheck involved. And I realized how unhappy I am with my job. But with a pre-existing condition and my difficulties, Nobody will ever hire me to do something I want to do. Hard not to cry today.

As for going places, today was hot but not as bad as yesterday. All of us were wiped and cranky. So when the crowds started, the claustrophobia kicked in, for all 3 of us.  So we took a lot of breaks in off the track spots to get from place to place. I kept getting winded, my legs didnt want to hold me up a few times, but I can feel my toes again.

Today was fun, but definitely a hard one. Day 3 always is.

On a side note, I have noticed I am doing laundry every day as we only have so many pairs of shorts, underclothes and socks. We tend to change at least once per day due to sweaty nasty stickiness. And also, the dishes and housework is still waiting at the RV when we get back regardless of vacation lol

Day 1

Day 1 is over. Even though things did not go to plan so well, we had some fun. We hit Epcot and the World Showcase. It stayed 90 degrees with a heat index of 106. I had a very ruff time and I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to do. The plan was to hit the food vendors and “Eat around the World.” But seeing as my paycheck is messed up, funds are limited. We did manage to taste 2 types of beer, and the shops had great stuff to look at. I got a Guinness tree ornament and a BIG sack of loose leaf green tea in Japan. We came back to the RV for lunch and to cool off, everybody fell sound asleep so we didn’t make it back. I am disappointed, but I am sure the sleep was much needed and I probably didn’t need to go back out in the heat again today after getting zero sleep last night. Note to self, NEVER take sleeping pills again. It set off my restless leg so bad that I could not sit still long enough to go to the bathroom……. It made me so tired and groggy that I was miserable while pacing the floor and walking round the block with a flashlight. Pretty sure anyone who saw me thought I was very drunk. Rehydrating and resetting plans for tomorrow, the Animal Kingdom and the new Pandora.  Truly hoping we get up early so we can come back to the RV during the hottest part of the day, and return after lunch and cooling off.

I was never so smart as to overload us with Gatorade, it was a god-send. We kept the bottles and refilled with water at water fountains which kept us going. I have never been so happy as to see the teal light from our RV LED strip on our return. After the long nap I took a shower, which I wish I had done before the nap, but either way. Now everyone is Wide Awake at 2 am. So we will just stay awake I guess and head out at 8am. Bt we will roll with the punches. Woot!

The cat is happy with us again. She is no longer plotting our doom for putting her thru the 8 hour trip. She is all snuggly and happy to see us. It is nice to come home and her be there waiting. It is also nice to sleep in my own bed and not have to worry about having forgotten something at home (I forgot the sunscreen in my car……..but I have LOTS of aloe) Breakfast is pretty easy plus we take snacks with us. Lunch and dinner look like they will be the same meal judging by the energy levels around here lol. It is kind of nice though, I did a lot of pre-cooking and mom sent chicken salad which makes meal prep super fast. We had biscuits and gravy for lunch/dinner. Weds will be tacos and Thurs a pot roast in the crockpot. I am thinking that the RV here has made some things way easier. It does take away from the “experience” in that there is no hotel with a bathtub and housekeeping, but I am OK with that considering the price tag difference and the not having to pack a bag, unload and load the car. Another thing, when we stopped on the way down here, the bathroom is a few feet away and not up the hill. Lunch and travel food is right there and the drinks in the fridge are still nice and cold. OH and there is a big pitcher of sweet tea the whole time lol. I am rambling now.

I am gonna try to get a short nap in now. Cheers!


Blonde moment

On the way up here I realized I had forgotten to grab the 3 ponchos from beside the bed before we left…………the bed that is 20 feet away……….in the RV I was driving. And then I asked Kevin, “Did you remember to pack your other pair of shoes in case those get wet?” He said, “No, they are next to the bed.

LONG drive

rainbowToday we left for Disney: Me by Best Friend Kevin and my Daughter. (sadly her BFF could not come due to school) We left about 4 hours later than expected but it was a smooth and frustration free process. I was not stressed about the drive, I researched all the gas stations as I needed to find RV friendly ones. We got out of town and hit the 1st one, a Flying Jay in Tallahassee. It had RV gas lanes, which were not where I expected. I turned in to the Truck side because that’s where I thought they would be. Well no, they are on the car side, but separated from the regular pumps. It was a really big well planned out parking lot so no stress there (did I ever mention i have nightmares about taking out a gas pump with the RV?) The 2nd one was a Loves in Ocala, big parking lot but no RV lanes. It went well, I am proud of myself. Then on to the Florida Turnpike, had $$ set aside for the tolls, again no problems.  A VERY long journey to be sure, with a pretty Full double rainbow. Once we tried to get on to I-4, well thats when it went to hell. There was construction, and the GPS had me jumping 4 lanes…. in a 32 foot RV….. in 0.5 miles…. yeah so we ended up downtown in the RV with MORE construction………lots of cussing. FINALLY got to the campgrounds and its after 8pm. Can we say Starving?! We park, jump on a bus, hit the Depot and sit down at the buffet. The food was ok, the cheesecake was yummy. to the tune of $99.95 for 3 people. YIKES!!!! We didnt plan on that meal at all, but we also didnt plan on starting out so late. PAINFUL lesson learned.

Sage, the Cat, also took her very 1st journey in the RV. We put her in a harness so she can start knowing what is about to happen (also to paralyze her lol) and put her in the cat carrier. She likes to hide under the front seat, which would be very dangerous. Poor baby was terrified. Every stop we pulled her out but she refused both food and water. after 4 hours in the box, we decided to try her in the bedroom out of the box. She did very well, stayed back there and plotted our deaths. Once we got parked and such, she got soft food and wolfed it down. She is currently laid out in the bed exhausted. Apparently she is OK with travel in the RV, just not in the box!!

On the MS side: Tomorrow is Epcot. I hope this will help lift my depression and everyone will have a good time. While driving, my toes started going numb again on the left side. I also have that electric shock thing again when I put my head down. I hope the heat isnt too bad for me, I worry I am starting to have another relapse as some things are happening again. BUT it is very possible that it has been due to stress and heavy travel. We shall see.


Made It!

Hurricane Nate was thankfully mild. A couple trees down, lost at least 1 tomato bush which I will check after I cool off. It is amazing how hot it is. Normally after a hurricane its cool, like 70s! Gonna chill for a bit, let my roommate take a nap since he worked all nite, check on the garden and then go check the gas situation in town. We may start the journey today, pending 2 things: if gas is available and what the storm looks like in our path. I would have started out already but we will have to drive back through Nate to get past Tallahassee, which in an RV that is just stupid. So we will wait a bit.

Hurricane Nate

Although we didnt get landfall, we are getting the Eastern Wall. So I packed up the RV, boxed the cat and we are now all listening to the wind at Mom’s house watching a Hobbit Marathon. We lost power briefly but it came right back, and I realized I had not pulled out any flashlights etc. That was dumb, scared the daylights out of my daughter who was alone in her room. She just froze and started silently trembling. So I pulled out a lantern for her and got her set up with fresh batteries then raided my BOB. I got this really nifty 3 bladed lantern that is USB/solar (  which is really nice. It serves perfectly, its bright, lightweight and holds a charge for a long time. I had charged it a couple months ago and it still is nice and bright. But while I am at it, I am charging it off my laptop currently 🙂

My roommate had to go to work in this mess. He works graveyards for wally world marketplace, and nobody is happy about the store being active. I have to call BS on them cause it is dangerous for anyone to be out. It is flooding, the winds are high, the rain is going sideways. Plus he didnt get any sleep because we had to evac. He is having a very ruff night for sure.

I worry about the garden though. There are a bunch of pea plants that are delicate and not quite climbing up the trellis yet, plus a HUGE cumber I found right before I left. The tomatoes are top-heavy and 1 of the cages is not in the ground very well. Sigh.

The cat is doing well. She yowled the whole way here, but now is settled in the bedroom. Mom’s yorkies are very interested in getting inside there, which would be bad. I have a headache with the constant change in pressure. All in all, we are all fine and will assess tomorrow. If all is well, we may start our journey to Orlando tomorrow instead of monday and stay at a state park for a night to break up the trek.

Night all