Yay Strawberries!

I found some really nice strawberries yesturday, so naturally I bought way to many. My daughter and I made Strawberry Jam tonight. She is terrified of hot things so it was a big deal. I put her in charge of putting the funnel on the jar while I filled it, she also wiped the edges and placed the lid before I put the band on it. She is awesome! So its cooling now, made 7 1/2 pint jars and they gelled beautifully!! Definately getting easier, but its still a big undertaking. Im tired. 20170325_214445

Blackberry Jam 2

Ok round 2 on the blackberry jam. I did one where you remove the seeds and use liquid pectin with lemon zest and sugar. The reviews were really good. Smells amazing, and the mess I made certainly tastes good as I have to lick it off my fingers and wipe down my laptop. Its in the pot right now with 10 minutes on the clock. My RV is very steamy lol. But um, I just have to put this out in the universe. I will NEVER de-seed by hand EVER AGAIN!!! My shoulders hurt and its 11pm. OMG what was I thinking???!!! But I am confident this will be the one and now I truly understand the need for a food mill or berry de-seeding sieve with a stand. Just suck it up and buy a good one.

And just think, this time next year I will have my own Cane fruit growing and can make it from beginning to end! Well, except the sugar and maybe Pectin. Also, I didnt have enough for the 4th jar to be full so I have a 1/2 jar for tomorrow. Biscuits!!!


Bleck !!

Today I pulled out one of those wonderful jars of blackberry jam I canned just the other day. Popped open the jar (with difficulty btw, because the seal was perfect) Smeared it all over a biscuit and took a bite…… Then spit it back out. Bleck!! Bad recipe, yuck. What a waste of blackberries!! Well at least I made a small batch. And I can look at this as a Canning learning experience, even though I wasn’t bright enough to taste it before canning it. I will be using a simple recipe next time with berries, sugar and pectin. Nothing else special, and it will taste good lol.

Yup I killed the seedlings

I lost 3/4 of my seedlings. After a lot of research it looks like Damping Off disease. So i pulled all the bad ones and cleaned everything. I set the tray outside in indirect sunlight and I’m getting ready to do the Chamomile Tea thing (with a dash of Hydrogen peroxide and cinnamon) Pretty sure I kept them too wet too. Sigh. If I can get them past seedling I will be impressed.

***** And on a side note, I FINALLY found out why you “Plant Lavender at your Garden Gate.” It detours Deer, Ticks, Moths and several other insects and animals.

Early morning at the Hospital

This time it’s not me. Mom is having a procedure and I am the driver. Most of our doctors are at the same hospital, so today I got to see the 4th and 5th floor, cardiology and procedures theaters. Nothing nearby opens until 9 so here I sit in the waiting room.


Got mom home, her procedure didnt work. She is not happy, cant blame her there. Stopped at Dirt Cheap and found a Great Tower fan for $18 (normally $89) It will replace possibly 2 other fans that take up way too much space. Got it home and unpacked it, and 1/2 of the base is missing……So I called Honeywell and they are sending me a replacement. GREAT customer service, I will be looking for their brand in the future.

And for the record: Yes I know I should not have eaten the Spinach Ravioli and the Eggplant Parmesan, But it was GOOD!!! I shall suffer tomorrow.

I wanted very much to take my canoe out today. Alas, it is too hot and no one would go with me. So I shall get my outside time in by watering the plants and prepping the new pots for the incoming strawberries.



Today’s Adventure

This morning was the preliminary EKG at the facility over an hour away. Had no problems, everything checked out as far as I am aware. It took longer to get me hooked up then it did to get the readings. Headed back home and grabbed my daughter and we headed to the local outlet mall (also an hour away) Since my weight is all over the map and i cant seem to choose a size, I had to get new work clothes (interview/funeral/whatever suit) 2 pairs of jeans and a few shirts. I am currently somewhere between a size 10 and 12. Not sure if I mentioned before but my weight flip flops drastically between 128 and 168 lbs. So yeah clothing is complicated. I really hate clothes shopping and it took us more then 2 hours to get all that done, I left frazzled a bit.

So on the way home, I notice traffic has really slowed down and no one is coming the other direction. Surely its an accident. As we get closer I realize the accident just happened, like within minutes! I told me daughter and best fried, “Sorry guys I have to stop.” I whipped off the road, threw open the hatchback and started tossing all the new clothes over the back seat out of my way so I could get my Med kit. Slapped on some gloves, walked right out into traffic and dared anyone to run me over while I was trying to get to my patient. It was a rear-ending and the back cars’ hood was crumpled severely. The other car, the young lady was out of her car on the phone, hopefully calling 911. I shouted to see if she was OK, she gave a thumbs Up.

My patient was a female, probably 40ish years old dressed in scrubs and she was clearly in pain but Alert and attentive. The airbag had deployed, probably saving her life, but her right foot was misshapen. I’m pretty sure its broken. I did a quick check on her, she was in pretty good shape, no spinal or neck injuries I could see. I would also guess she had a concussion. She was in a lot of pain from her foot so I braced her leg to relieve some pressure and get her to stop moving. If there were other injuries, I didn’t want to make them worse. The Police came and I let them know we needed a bus (ambulance) and that I had this patient in my care, but the other driver needed to get checked. She and I talked a little bit, I wanted to keep her focus on me. As long as she was talking and responsive, I could tell if anything worse was happening that I couldn’t see.

I heard sirens and looked up to see a fire engine. I told her “Hey the fire dept is almost here. I hope there are some cute firefighters in there!” She chuckled a little although she was hurting. The Firefighters came over, the TO came strait to me. “Hey Darlin,”  I gave him a rundown and he asked if I was OK where I was. I told him “Yeah, but can you stick your head into that red car with the hatchback up, and let my daughter know its gonna be a little while?” He said he would take over so we traded places and they took it from there.

Three things I realized today: One I miss my Firehouse and Helping people. Two, Every 1st Responder in the world, no matter what state, county, etc, We are all family and everyone is “Dear””Darlin” and “Hun”I have never met these guys before in my life and will probably never see them again, especially since I was way out of my district. And Three, MS may have taking me out of the Fire Dept, but it didn’t take the Fire Dept out of me. I still got it and it felt really good.



Busy Day

Today was supposed to be a simple easy day. Go out to the new property, spray the super briars and spread grass seed. Then home to chill, with some gardening in the eve. So we did the 1st, then went to Home Depot and I found a Pineapple sage plant and Lavender. Then we stopped at a Fro-Yo, hit to local bakery (they make this amazing pull apart bread) and on to an outlet store we had never been to. $160 later I have 3 folding tomato cages (normally $20) a hose nozzle, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 work shirts and socks, 4 soaker hoses for $5 (normally $25) a couple other things and a crazy gardening tool that is like a transformer as it can be folded 6 different ways. Happy Bday to Me 🙂

Then after it cooled off I still had plenty of time to do some planting.


Fruit Trees


Garlic from this Winter



Well they were sprouts…

So my sprouts were going so well that they were pushing the lid off of the seed starter tray, so I set them outside for a few hours. Note to self, dont take outside until after 2nd set of leaves grow. But 5 of them are still nice and strong, with roots coming out of the bottom, which I promtly re-potted. That’s 3 Galia Melons and 2 Red stem cotton plants (my daughter planted those lol) Will try and nurse the rest back to health. Truly hoping my over zealousness hasnt killed them. Sigh

But on a happy note, I enjoyed going somewhat nuts at home depot. I got all the new larger biodegradable pots to replant, I got a new Oregano (learned the hard way about letting it make pretty flowers to seed) and several other herbs for the kitchen, and I finally got my Meyer Lemon. Trying to hold off on the Fig tree because I am still restricted to pots, and they grow really fast. Once we get out to the new property, its game on for the orchard…..well as far as my budget can handle.

My Sprouts are coming up!! I have 4 kinds of Tomato, 2 kinds of bell peppers, 2 kinds of melons, Basil, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cotton. And Im about to order 25 strawberry plants from Gurneys.com. but I have a coupon for $25 off an order of $50 so Im agonizing over getting either an apple tree or a Fig. Decisions decisions…..seeds

I Have Sprouts!!