Autism & The Dentist

My daughter is 18 and is on the Asperger spectrum for autism. If you have anyone in your life that is even close, you know that there are just some things that Must be done, but are so very stressful for your child. The dentist has always been a major event, but she and I have worked through the years to ease her fears. Everybody who works there knows her and they even have 1 lady that she is always scheduled with. Well, getting her to brush her teeth is one of those battles that is ongoing and most of the time she doesnt do a very good job. Being a teenager, the attitude is definitely there.

A couple weeks ago I noticed she had a cavity on 1 eye tooth. Last week another cavity showed up on her front tooth, which means she needs to go yesterday. She has had fillings before and the Dentist and staff all know how to get her through. And Grandma is going too, as I have to work. That nagging feeling sat in the back of my mind, even though she has surprised me before. I’m sitting at work and Mom messages me that it will be $350!! For 2 fillings? Que sinking feeling. I call her and she puts me on with our nurse. 4 crowns in the front. Its bad. I’ll be there in 30 minutes!!

When I get there they wave me back, and she is in the back room, starting to calm down from a MAJOR Panic Attack!! Me and Mom trade places and oddly, I had just gotten one of those “Spinners” that morning, which was in my purse. I’m gonna tell you that thing is pretty cool. I made her take her pill, I gave the spinner to her and let her vent some. Then she noticed it was flashing, and spinning in her hands. YES!! She was calm and the dentist was able to get it all done. It took 4 hours, and we are all exhausted.And they managed to save the 2 front teeth from needing crowns.

3 things I learned today. 1: realize that everyone who interacts with your child is part of your support team, and finding good doctors etc. is extremely important. 2: get a spinner or some other form of distraction and carry it with you everywhere. 3: Let them try. No one knows how strong they are until they are given the chance to Try.

I have had a headache ever since 8:51am when I saw the 1st message. It is late now and she is fine. It’s amazing to me how quickly she moves on with some things. A cup of frozen yogurt later lol

Well then,….

The other day I posted about tropical disturbances showing up in the general area and it seems that I came off as “Panicing over nothing” to a few friends. Well then, I have to put this right as there was no panic involved nor urgency. I always watch the weather, always have and am also a Girl Scout AND a Boy Scout so  you could say BE PREPARED is in my DNA lol. Really I am only taking this as an omen that it’s time to get prepped and just in case so I am not part of the Mob suddenly springing into action because the storm came out of nowhere. It’s what we do when we are more at the mercy of the weather then “Stick Houses.” Yes I am currently re-watching The Walking Dead, but I promise that has nothing to do with it. I’m in Florida, we get storms.

When you see this, it’s time!

And as always, to those of us who could be in a path of anything, Prep and Stay Safe!

Weather-bug Update

We got alert today that Hurricane season has officially begun. There are1.1.jpg 2 systems that are of concern in the gulf. We are not far from the water here so It’s definitely something to keep in mind as Full Time RVer’s. My job considers me essential personnel so I cant go too far. Its funny there because we have all the emergency things you could think of like a power station, showers bunks etc. for the workers so they expect us there. And what about our families? Nope they cant be there still, which to me is ridiculous.

Updated this years Prep plan for the Rig. If its a cat 2 or below, we will button up the RV and drop it off with a very good friend further inland. If its looking like a Cat 3 or above, we head to Mississippi and take over my Aunts Driveway. She doesn’t know that part yet, But ill see her at lunch today lol. But I have a feeling that she wont mind especially if I grab my Mom and her 2 dogs on the way out.

The outside stuff presents a problem. I have a LOT of plants. They all do regular plant things when moved like drip dirt water everywhere, introduce the hidden ant colonies they have been sheltering as well as any other insects that have claimed them as home. So I may take them to moms garage to wait it out.

But it’s also time to start up the RV, run the generator for a bit, flush and sanitize the fresh water tank and flush the “other” tanks to prevent problems if we have to jet. Also lube all the slides and clear out some clutter. For RVer’s, spring cleaning really is so very important and the urge can strike at any time. I think I’ll clean the fridge and go fill the 2nd propane tank today just because.

Tomato Blight

I am a bit heart broken. My tomatoes are dying.I had some very healthy tomato plants, then I brought some more home from a friends house. They were growing wild and the whole yard was being mowed down, so I brought home 3 plants. Little did I know, they needed to have been isolated and treated. There was some sort of sickness in them and it affected ALL of my other tomato plants. I didn’t find this out until I had received the next batch for the Community Garden. The newest batch I set down on the picnic table right next to them overnight. So when I planted them, they were fine until yesterday. Now All my tomatoes have it. The leaves are turning brown and falling apart, then off. The fruits have pock marks, and the plant stalks are speckled. Gonna try some copper based organic spray that is supposed to help but if It doesn’t I will turn to non organic. It may be too late. The thought of making home grown and home made spaghetti sauce for canning is looking very distant now.  Sigh

NOT a Plink

I made applesauce today. I had a bunch of green apples just sitting there. Its very hard not to eat them when they are cooking because they smelled SO GOOD! Super simple recipe. 4 cups apples, 2 cups water, 1 1/2 cup sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Very tasty.

I used a new brand of jars, actually I got them by mistake. The “button” on the top is just a dome. So when it seals it sounds more like glass cracking. Its really loud too! I swear I thought the jar had shattered. Anybody ever use these before?

Compromised Immune System

You don’t really and truly understand what it means when they say Compromised Immune System. Its a concept that just doesn’t sink in. When a Doctor tells you to wash your hands at least every hour, to wear a mask when around sick people, avoid children and babies, and to make a quick exit from anyone with the Flu, you kind of look at her funny like its a joke. Surely its not that serious, its not like I’m having Chemo. Then she tells you to only eat WELL cooked meat, no more sushi and to avoid oysters and other filter feeders, you think “wow I need a bubble to jump in to and start eating cardboard.”

I, at age 37, have an ear infection. And its actually a bad one. Saturday I ran a low grade fever and noticed several swollen lymph nodes on my neck and head. I left ear hurt and my left tonsil is swollen with white spots. To the Urgent care we go where everyone is hacking and there because they are sick.

My imagination got away with me and I thought about the “glowing paint test” we did in Girl scouts decades ago. 1 person puts a little bit of clear glow in the dark paint on thier hands. We check and make sure that it is on her hands with a black light. We are told to make sure to wash our hands after the bathroom and we continue on with an activity. At the end of the meeting, our Leader has us line up and show our hands. She shines the black light on them, and every single one of us had glowing paint on our hands. Some had it on their noses, lips and other places. Then she walked around the room showing us where all the “germs” had gone. It was everywhere!!

Something to think about


Blueberry Jam tonight! I got some Really tasty Blueberries the other day and Just had to preserve them for later. I am using Pamona’s Pectin this time as I was not liking how much sugar some of the recipes ask for. 5 cups of fruit with 7 cups of sugar? Yikes! So we will see how this goes. Does anybody else get that Panic feeling when they don’Blueberry.jpgt hear every single Plink of the jars? Of 7 jars I have heard 4, still waiting on the other 3. BUT its a bit warm in here so I’ll bet when I’m not listening, they will plink lol

——— still waiting on 1

Memorial Day outing

FINALLY went fishing. I found a local Catfish Farm run by Mennonites and they have 3 lakes with a country store. I haven’t fished since I was a kid really, and my daughter has only ever fished with a line on a water bottle, so this is a great way to get back in there.I wore my Giant hat and the lightest clothes I could think of with spf 50 hoping not to trigger my MS with the heat. Nice breeze but the gnats were horrible

I set her rod up and cast for her. And wouldn’t you know it, as soon that the bait hit the water a fish grabbed it and broke the line with all the tackle, clean off. OK that line is to weak. So on to the 2nd rod, which I got set up rather quickly (and yes I fumbled for about 20 minutes with the 1st one) I cast for her and handed it over. The bait was in the water no less the 2 minutes and She pulled out her 1st fish!! And did I mention she casts better then I do? We traded back and forth, each pulling in 3 fish ending the day with a whopping 17lbs of catfish!! She said to me, “Mom, this was a great day. We are doing this again right?”


Dear Vertigo

I know we have had our differences, but I wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings. The last time you came to visit I was a little harsh, it just seems that when you show up you sneak up out of no where and like to tackle me as if I were a bank robber. I assure you I am doing all the things I am supposed to (taking meds, staying away from lots of foods, staying well hydrated) but it was just a couple of chips, not even a whole bag and they weren’t even mine!! I didn’t want to be rude! I know you are here to stop me from making mistakes, but Come On! This is a little extreme.Perhaps you could be a little less intense?

Thanx, MS Sufferer

PS: when you leave, can you take Migraine set up by Barometric pressure with you?

Garden Updates!

So here are some updates from my private potted collection and the community garden. First cherry tomato of the season was wonderful. I have 2 giant heirloom purple Cherokee tomatoes coming up, some bell peppers and my herb garden stacker is taking over. The community garden is getting over run by weeds as I am the only person keeping it right now. There are lots of things in there I have no idea what they are. but I’m trying to keep the bugs off. Its not working with the cabbages and I think the brussel sprouts? I have 4 rows of corn coming up wonderfully, should be ready in July. A bitter lettuce, which is not that tasty really. 3 kinds of melons and some pumpkins. Woot